Mammoet Holding BV
laureate of RusPrix 2004 in nomination "Unique joint project"
The roots of Mammoet are of Dutch origin and this can be recognized at a glance. A no-nonsense perception, innovative solutions, decades of experience and above all highly skilled and loyal employees are typical for Mammoet as you know it. A world class, leading company specialized in solving heavy lifting and transport challenges at any onshore or offshore location. The solutions that Mammoet provide are renowned in economic sectors like the Petro Chemical industry, Offshore, Civil works and Power plants.

It may resemble a routine job when objects, that may be as large as 100 meters with a weight over 2000 tonnes, are safely moved and positioned with high accuracy on their foundations. Such operations are business as usual in the petrochemical industry, offshore constructions or at the maintenance of huge power plants. However, reality is a far cry from routine. Safety and security of people, investment goods and the environment are at the core of any job. The Dutch are familiar with the saying Look before you leap. Likewise, Mammoet excludes any coincidence from happening when it comes to the in-depth preparations of transport and lifting jobs by calculating, simulations, scheduling and logistics.

Accuracy, dedication and skills are nevertheless insufficient to become the leading company in regional and global markets. The invaluable treasure of experiences gained over decades, a passion for developing and applying new, break through technologies and personal commitment culminate into a truly unique innovative power. Extraordinary circumstances do indeed require extraordinary solutions. A live petrochemical plant requires the adoption of strong safety requirements. Cramped spaces, at first sight too small to erect the necessary crane, force to develop alternatives. Weak soils that obviously cannot support heavy loads trigger the application of clever approaches to get round such difficulties. Mammoets solutions push the envelope whenever needed.

Mammoets mission statement is: "to be the best full service provider in the global market for engineered heavy lifting and multi-modal transport for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees" To accomplish this we have set the following strategy: "to maintain a strong reputation by delivering innovative and customer driven solutions through expansion in niche markets"

Mammoet will continue this strategy by means of autonomous growth and selective acquisitions. This to strengthen our market position and maintain our competitive edge and service to our customers wherever they require our assistance. Our success is through our people and we aim to provide our employees with a challenging and enjoyable career. Our strategy is linked to Mammoets quality and safety programs, which are designed to protect the safety of all Mammoet employees, subcontractors and clients. In addition, the programs safeguard the valuable equipment of both Mammoet and its customers and minimize the permanent impact of heavy lifting and transport activities on the environment.

Due to its decentralized organization structure Mammoet maintains short communication lines to any relevant professional expertise. The organization counts for regional establishments in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These branches may act highly autonomously as they each have at their disposal a versatile fleet of lifting and tranportation equipment. Easy to contact, quick service and safety above all, that`s in short Mammoets translation of customer driven business operations.

Next to the regional establishments is Mammoet Global. This business unit is considered as the glue of the corporation when it comes to intercontinental projects. But Mammoet Global is more than just a director. It takes care of the availability of special equipment like super heavy lifting cranes, complex worldwide logistics and all project coordination.

So what is the yield of this organization structure? To put it simply, it enables Mammoet to stay familiar with any relevant market development. And to play a role that optimizes the customer services. On the one hand Mammoet is renowned as the main contractor for eye-catching projects that appeals to the world`s news networks. Success depends on Mammoets performance in the end-to-end project responsibility, including all types of transport on land and offshore, all lifting operations and any additional service. But at the same time Mammoet may be called to accomplish regional and local jobs, be it as - again - the end-to-end contractor or as dedicated subcontractor for specific tasks. In addition, the organization structure facilitates Mammoets leading position in trading, maintenance and rental of lifting and transport equipment.

In all markets relevant to Mammoet, the issuing and control of corporate standards is considered mandatory to safe and cost effective operations. Mammoet applies strong standards for the health and safety of people, employees and customer / contractor representatives alike. In addition, standards are in effect for budget planning, the technical aspects of operations, environmental care and working procedures. The complete set of corporate standards is known as Mammoet QSE (Quality, Safety & Environment). Its high requirements and norms set the playing field for any Mammoet performance. Examples of `tools` that go with QSE are safety manuals, assessments of risk, methods and procedures, safety guidelines, audits, on-site inspections and tool-box meetings.

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